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Building the Future: A Day in the Life of an Interior Designer

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a job shadow day with students from a West Texas high school. As someone who has always been interested in home decor and design, I was excited to show others what it's like to work in this field.

The day started with meeting the students at Yates Flooring Center and giving them an overview of my work. We discussed the current projects, ranging from residential to commercial spaces, and the different stages of the design process.

Then we started exploring and I explained how we start each design project from the ground up. The students chose the flooring for their own imagery space and we started the process. We talked about pricing and deadline and the process. Showing them the process of creating mood boards, selecting color palettes, and choosing materials and finishes was fascinating. When they understood how much thought and creativity goes into every detail.

I was impressed with how well the students were able to articulate their ideas and how they listened carefully to me as I offered the client's point of view on feedback and concerns.

The day ended with a visit to a furniture showroom where I was selecting pieces for a project and the students choose pieces for their imaginary space too. It was interesting to see how they considered the overall aesthetic of the space when choosing each piece. We talked about how the furniture was not only beautiful but also functional.

Overall, my job shadow day was a fantastic experience. I hope they learned about the design process, the importance of attention to detail, and the art of creating beautiful and functional spaces.

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